Age of Kings

Session Zero
Character Creation

What Happened
Today we focused on creating the characters for the upcoming campaign, as well as building relationships, backgrounds, and goals. We now have 7 characters and some relationships for each.

Haley: A Wood Elf Ranger who is a twin sister to Madeleine’s Rogue and an adoptive sister to Kate’s Halfling Bard.
Madeleine: A Wood Elf Rogue who is a twin sister to Haley’s Ranger and an adoptive sister to Kate’s Halfling Bard.
Kate: A Halfling Bard who was raised by Haley’s and Madeleine’s family and is currently “in a relationship” with Matthew’s Tiefling Rogue.
Matthew: A Tiefling Rogue who left his village and rejected his family’s “gods” and is currently “in a relationship” with Kate’s Halfling Bard.
Stephen: A Human Barbarian who was once a brilliant strategist, he is close friends with John’s Dragonborn Cleric.
John: A Dragonborn Cleric who know nothing about his lineage, he is close friends with Stephen’s Human Barbarian.
Tamra: A Half-Elf Draconic Sorceress who is now on her own and is willing to learn more than even what her books have taught her.

Am I missing a relationship or got one wrong? Email me and I will be able to fix it.

We also went over the rules, here are a few important ones to keep in mind:
- This is a good campaign.
- We will be using visual pieces for terrain.
- Characters should change and have a goal(s) to obtain.
- Never trust this DM to make a good drawing of the overworld.

Helpful Links
D&D Basic Rules:
Campaign Wiki:
Best (in my opinion) Actual Play:
Roleplaying Tips or Information:

DM story information
This is extra character information/knowledge you will need for the story, stay tuned for an update to this!


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